Where to Stay in Brussels?


Your holiday in Brussels (Bruxelles) and Belgium can turn out to be a hectic one. Even if you have plans to stay for a week in this beautiful city, you will definitely be forced hard to fit all that this city has to offer. Beautiful squares, gorgeous buildings, majestic museums, well kept city parks and stunning restaurants are just some of the things that make your Brussels visit memorable one.The Brussels has been divided into the upper and the lower town and is connected through Mont des Arts Square. Some of the finest places to see in Brussels are located in the small city.

All those who are on holiday in Brussels can stay in holiday apartments. These apartments are located all around the city and appeal to all types of visitors. They are great for all those families who are traveling on a budget. If you are looking to spend less you can rent a room instead of a whole loft or another type of property. Now short stay breaks are very common and there has a spurt in the demand for these short term apartments in Brussels, many of them with attached kitchens, spacious bedrooms and clean toilets.

Vacation rentals in the city now cater to visitors from all parts of the world. Visitors will get to see the fascinating buildings, historic sites, breathtaking scenery and cultural heritage during their stay in Brussels.

holiday apartments brussels

Many of these holiday houses that are available for rent are provided with a well stuffed kitchens where families can try their favorite dishes and relax in a calm atmosphere. In other words they are well furnished and contain everything you need to have a great stay. This also saves them good money as these apartments come with competitive rentals as compared to other hotels in Brussels.

If you have plans to stay for a longer than a few days or weeks, you can even get discounts on the rental from the apartment owners. These apartments range from two bedroom to even six bedroom apartments, so they can cater to the families of all sizes.

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We are offering you most affordable and comfortable accommodation that provides easy access to all the important landmarks. Our short term rentals are very inexpensive when compared to the hotels and are easy on your pocket. These apartments are fully serviced and also come with numerous free features.

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